Total support system for heat treatment technology

Heat treatment technologies provide metals with new characteristics and capabilities. Even now, these technologies, which have been driving the progress of civilization, are the foundation of manufacturing, and support our affluent and comfortable lifestyles. We at DOWA Thermotech provides as well the development and manufacturing of the excellent industrial furnace as many different surface treatment processes in-house, and offers commercial heat treatment services depending on the intended use. By providing "ONE STOP SOLUTIONS" for heat treatment technologies,We are determined to continue our efforts to support customers' business expansion,the evolution of manufacturing and realize a low-carbon society.

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News release
August 08, 2019
We plan on attending Thermal Technology 2019.
Sep 17 (Thu.) to 18 (Fri.), 2019 at Congrès Convention Center,Osaka
April 15, 2018
Start of new graduates' entries
November 01, 2017
Business start of Midwestern PE (Toyota-shi) in Plant Engineering Department from October 2017
July 07, 2017
We plan on attending Thermotec 2017.
July 19 (Wed.) to 21 (Fri.), 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight, East 4 hall
February 01, 2017
Establishment of research building for Equipment Department in Hamamatsu-kita plant (Hamamatsu-shi)
September 05, 2016
New construction of heat treatment processing plant in Hamamatsu-kita plant, and enhancement of commercial heat treatment services
May 08, 2015
Establishment of heat treatment business base in Mexico